The Burland Shower Tray

Orders & Delivery

The Burland shower tray can be ordered over the phone in standard sizes as follows:

  • 800 mm X 800 mm + 50 mm entrance lip
  • 800 mm X 850 mm + 50 mm entrance lip
  • 900 mm X 900 mm + 50 mm entrance lip
  • 900 mm X 1200 mm + 50 mm entrance lip

The design has three variants:

  1. The standard is with a 50 mm entrance lip on one side,
  2. The second option is with a 50 mm entrance lip on multiple sides.
  3. The third is on larger shower trays where water spray will not be within reach of the entrance and the extra leakage protection provided by the lip is not required.

The wooden sub frame is also used to protect the shower tray during transport, so reducing the amount of packaging materials used. This is inline with the 'problem solving through design' ethos behind the Burland Shower Tray.

The Burland Shower Tray can be delivered nationally, UK mainland delivery is included in the quoted price, payment must however be received before delivery.

Custom sizes

Custom sizes can be provided to suit your bathroom specification, a price being quoted on receipt of the required dimensions and delivery location. For more information please click here…


All orders will be invoiced. We accepts payments by:

Cash - in person only. We accept no responsibility for cash sent through the post.

Personal or Business cheque - Please make sure you have sufficient funds when sending cheques. Any cheques returned 'unpaid' will incur the cost of the return, added to the original invoice.

BACS - By arrangement, please email us with your requirements and we will send you a pro-forma.

PayPal - Simply open the invoice which we will email to you and follow the instructions. This facility provides allows us to accept credit card & debit cards.

PayPal is trusted by millions of buyers!

We have set up PAYPAL payments by email. You do NOT need to have a PAYPAL account to pay this way. PayPal will send you an email invoice and you can pay through them, at no additional cost, using a credit card or your bank account and ensuring your privacy.

Please note - we do not yet have the facilities to accept credit or debit card payments by telephone. This service may be added in the future.

We cannot offer credit facilities.

Please read our term & conditions document before ordering.


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