The Burland Shower Tray

A genuinely leak free shower tray

Moulds and fungi form in the presence of moisture and expensive structural damage can result from water leakage. The Burland shower tray (Patent Pending) has been designed to eliminate water leakage problems which are common in many designs of shower tray. The common problem areas are the joint between the tray and the wall tiling and the joint with the waste pipe.

These problems have been overcome in the Burland shower tray using good engineering principles such as inclusion of a larger than standard tiling upstand and by welding waste fitting in place. The structural strength of stainless steel plate and the additional weight of ceramic tiles also prevent the shower tray from flexing, which in cheap shower trays causes cracks in sealant and grout allowing water to penetrate.

No tanking or bitumen products required

Tanking bathroom areas for shower cubicles is difficult to complete and problematical, remember the slightest water penetration can cause damp problems. Corners and joints must be folded or overlapped and a hole cut in the tanking to allow disposal of waste water. These corners, overlaps and joints with waste outlets are potential areas for leakage either initially or at some time in the future. The Burland shower tray made from stainless steel does away with these problems.

Note: The Burland Shower Tray has been designed as a tile over tray. It is not recommended to use the tray without first tiling.



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