The Burland Shower Tray

High quality stainless steel shower tray

Stainless steel has been used in the construction of the Burland shower tray due to its strength, resistant properties and inherent long life providing that contemporary look and feel to the modern bathroom. The Burland shower tray also facilitates redecoration and will not need to be replaced if and when the shower cubical is retiled.

It can also be machined to your exact specification, providing our clients with bespoke trays.

Heavy duty construction

Shower trays should be of robust construction and not flex when stood on, movement causes grout to crack which allows moisture to penetrate. There is no danger of chipping the Burland Shower Tray, as there is with ceramic trays, which makes installation much less problematic.

Due to its stainless steel construction the tray has integral robustness and can be handled without undue concern about causing it damage.


The manufacture of all Burland shower tray units is undertaken by Harbrook Engineering who have a first class reputation for engineering excellence. They manufacture machinery for industry and agriculture thus guaranteeing the strength of the Burland shower tray.


stainless steel shower tray

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