The Burland Shower Tray

Tiling Upstand

Integral to the stainless steel shower tray is a tiling upstand providing an overlap between the shower tray and the wall tiles. Floor tiles can be fixed to the base of the tray and the wall tiles brought down completely overlapping the upstand. This overlap is sufficiently large to stop leakage caused by capillary action, removing the need for mastic joints.


Advice should be sought from your tile supplier as to the correct tile adhesive and grout to use, that best suits the type of tile you are using. It is recommended as good practice to use flexible adhesive to fix tiles to the shower tray and to use waterproof grout in all areas.

It is also worth mentioning that areas tiled with larger tiles will contain fewer joints per metre than small tiles and so problems due to the deterioration of grout over time can be minimised by the use of large tiles.

Note: The shower tray in the photograph was a custom built tray made to order from a received wooded template.


Tiling Upstand

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